Active Collagen (Lorna Vanderhaeghe) 120 veg caps

Active Collagen (Lorna Vanderhaeghe) 120 veg caps

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Product Description

Lorna Vanderhaeghe Active Collagen Product Information

Active Collagen by Lorna Vanderhaeghe was developed to try to help women improve the health and appearance of their skin as well as nails, bones, and hair. Extracted from marine sources in Europe, Active Collagen contains collagen and elastin polypeptides in the same ratio as found in human skin. As such, Active Collagen may provide anti-wrinkle properties as it stimulates the skin.


  • May reduce deep wrinkles and lines
  • Attempts to improve skin elasticity
  • May increase skin moisture
  • Attempts to strengthen hair and nails
  • Attempts to improve bone mineral density
  • May protect against free radical damage

Recommended Dosage

Take 4 capsules per day with food.


This product does not contain artificial colours or sweeteners, dairy, soy, shellfish, corn, wheat or yeast. GLUTEN-FREE.