Dr. Colbert M.D. Instant Ketones 262.5g, coconut cream flavour

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  • INSTANT KETONES: You can enter the Keto Zone in less than one hour with Instant Ketones! This is is a new kind of ketogenic supplement that supplies the body with exogenous (externally sourced) ketones, as opposed to the endogenous (internally sourced) ketones normally produced by the liver. These ketone salts provide the body with a ketone called Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) paired with mineral salt electrolytes of magnesium, calcium, and sodium.
  • BURN FAT WITH ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE:Ketones are a higher octane, better quality fuel,Ketones offer an alternative fuel, especially beneficial for aerobic exercise .It provides with Improved fat oxidation equals enhanced metabolic rate
  • SUPERIOR TASTE & MIXES EASILY:Most BHB ketone supplements are hard to stomach. They usually taste really bad .But this is not true for Instant Ketones. Divine Health has formulated the most delicious BHB supplement on the market. Our decadent coconut cream flavor allows you to get all the benefits of BHB. Instant Ketones mixes easily with water, tea, coffee, nut milk, or your morning smoothie.
  • APPETITE CONTROL:Supports healthy blood sugar and satiety,Appetite control and a more efficient metabolism – you no longer need to snack every two hours along with craving control.