Margo Alive Herbal Hair Loss Treatment Step 1- Penetrating Lotion 120ml




The natural iodine found in sea algae extracts allows the lotion to  penetrate follicles and instantly dissolve those harmful plugs. That opens the path for the remaining herbs  to flow to the roots, stimulate blood circulation and nourish them, which is  essential  to maintaining a healthy scalp.

The first step is a penetrating lotion that contains all natural herbal ingredient. These are :Stinging nettle, Butchers broom, Bladder Wrack, Capsicum, Rosemary and Verbena. The penetrating lotion breaks down the natural build up of Sebum and salts that form on the scalp.

MARGO ALIVE Penetrating Lotion was designed to begin the process of dissolving salt deposits, stimulating and feeding the root and bulb system, detoxifing the capillary system, and reducing scalp swelling.

This may seem difficult to accomplish but when you examine the properties of the herbs, it is really quite simple. Bladder Wrack is a seaweed naturally rich with iodine. Chemically, when iodine comes in contact with the salt plugs, it immediately softens them and gradually loosens their the grip on the skin and hair shaft. Also, iodine’s powerful penetrating qualities make it an ideal piggy back carrier for the rest of the herbal elements, helping them to saturate the root and bulb system. Capsicum, Rosemary, and Stinging Nettle act as the stimulants/nutrients while Butcher’s Broom acts as a strong detoxifier and antioxidant. Verbena, the queen of the herbs, is a great manager. Besides being a potent hair stimulant itself, Verbena protracts and enhances the action of each of the other herbal elements that make up the MARGO ALIVE Penetrating Lotion.