Based on the Ojibway recipe formulated by Rene M. Caisse, RN, this four herb tea has been traditionally used to enhance the immune system and as a cancer treatment and preventative. The Caisee formula is considered a “complimentary” treatment and can be used in conjunction with allopathic cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

The Caisee formula can also be taken occasionally for detoxification and to treat ailments other than cancer. Other ailments traditionally treated with the Caisse Formula include chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, AIDS, diabetes, immune disorders, stress, depression, chronic cough, liver & kidney problems, Lyme disease, digestive issues, Hepatitis, skin problems, burns and several others. The four herbs in the Caisse Formula are burdock root, Turkish rhubarb root, sheep sorrel and slippery elm inner bark.

The Caisse formula is sold under various brand names including ESSIAC®, ESSIAC® is a registered trademark of Essiac Products Inc.

the essiac® herbs:

Burdock root
Turkish Rhubarb
Slippery Elm
Sheep Sorrel