Blood Sugar Metabolism #40, 60 capsules (Bell)



Blood Sugar Metabolism (Bell Master Herbalist #40)

  • Helps support and maintain healthy blood sugar metabolism
  • Formulated to support organs involved in blood glucose balance
  • Helps maintain energy levels and promote healthy weight management

Blood Sugar Metabolism contains natural ingredients that have been known to help support and maintain healthy blood glucose metabolism and neutralize blood glucose imbalance. It is designed to support organs involved in blood glucose balance. These organs are: the liver, adrenal glands, and pancreas.

Gymnema leaf, which is the first ingredient in the Blood Sugar Metabolism formulation, possesses glycosides known as gymnemic acids, which help decrease the absorption of sugar from the intestines. This Ayurvedic herb seems to increase the amount of insulin in the body and may even help the body increase the growth of cells in the pancreas, where insulin is made.

Chromium, also included in the formulation, is an essential trace element that enhances the effects of insulin. Insulin is secreted by cells in the pancreas in response to increased blood glucose levels, such as after eating a meal or snack. Insulin binds to insulin receptors on the surface of cells, this activates the receptors and stimulates glucose (blood sugar) uptake by cells. Chromium is extremely important for this action and many more. Insulin is also important for fat and protein metabolism. Chromium has been shown to improve the course our bodies use insulin.

Suggested Use: Take 3 capsules daily.

Ingredients: Gymnema extract (leaf), White mulberry extract (leaf), Prickly pear extract (stem/leaf bud), Bitter melon extract (fruit), Cassia extract (bark), Dragon’s blood palm extract (fruit resin), Chromium (as chromium picolinate), Vanadium (as vanadyl sulfate).