SeaCal Plus, 90 capsules



SealCal PLUS™ calcium comes from the algae Lithothamnion calcarenum – a living, edible, organic plant rich in calcium and other nutrients. Branded as Aquamin™ it is a red algae that grows off the coast of Ireland that naturally contains over 34% in elemental calcium. Being a food, it contains a full spectrum of over 73 minerals which are important for bone health.

  • Clinical studies, for absorbability and effectiveness for bone health.
  • Aquamin™ plant source calcium from the Icelandic red algae species Lithothamnion calcareum.
  • Aquamin™ contains over 34% calcium plus 73 other minerals, including all 13 key minerals involved in bone health.
  • Aquamin™ has been shown to reduce PTH (parathyroid hormone), a hormone associated with a reduced bone mineral density.
  • Aquamin™ helps to remineralize bone cells.
  • Aquamin™ helps with joint pain and stiffness even better than glucosamine sulfate.
  • 3 capsules daily match the potency (800 mg) of the placebo-controlled Aquamin™ study on bone mineral density.
  • SeaCal PLUS™ includes additional magnesium, boron and vitamins D3 and K2.
  • Vitamin K2 helps excess calcium gets to the bones, not on arterial walls.
  • SeaCal PLUS™ is produced in a capsule form without any fillers or binders and is easy to absorb.