Bedtime Formula Kids Age 2 – 11 (Suro)

Elderberry is a traditional medicine used to soothe sore throats, cough and fever. Formulated especially for kids, SURO now offers two types of alcohol-free formulas, featuring both elderberry and propolis (which is also great for throats).



Choose from SURO’s original children’s formula for Kids up to age 14, and a new nighttime one to which also includes Chamomile plus menthol and eucalyptus to promote a more restful, cough-free sleep in Kids from age 2 to 11.

Made with raw honey (but containing no added sugars), SURO Elderberry Syrup tastes good and sweet so your little one can feel better without stirring up a fight to make the spoonful of medicine go down.

Exclusively Canadian and Certified Organic ingredients! Free of alcohol, and sweetened with organic raw honey. Will last up to 2 years once opened.